Radio Signals are overwhelming. Transmissions from indifferent devices, near or far, swarm the air around us as we push through our cities unaware of all information not meant for us. Amongst the information not necessarily meant for us are the signals transmitted from unmanned meteorological satellites. However, with the correct equipment, some software, and patience you can tease out satellite imagery from the air, with spectacular results.

Overview |

  • Polar-orbiting weather satellites circle the Earth approximately every 100 minutes at an altitude of 450 miles. Their images are transmitted via automatic picture transmission systems in the form of simple radio waves.Images can be received from any of these satellites when the spacecraft is above your horizon.
  • > This antenna was built with PVC, copper wire, and a recycled coax cable

  • > It is approximately four feet tall, and it loosely tuned to 137 MHz .

  • > Using this antenna it is possible to recieve signals from space.
  • > The satellite signals are both audible and beautiful.

  • > Captured audio files are downsampled and then demodulated to reproduce the transmitted information.

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