Recent Work
Saycel develops low cost cellular networks and emergency 911 for regions where access to communication services is unavailable or prohibitively expensive. We are building a cellular network from the ground up.
NYC Votes
This Rails application was contracted by the Campaign Finance Board of New York City. It functions as an open source tool for Voter Information and a tool for Campaigns to receive and keep track of their contributions. We also worked closely with the Campaign Finance Board to build an API that allow Candidates to submit documentation about donations directly to the CFB.
Crisis Cleanup
Crisis Cleanup is a free, open source application that connects disaster recovery organizations with the people who need help. We've already connected • 40,000+ volunteers from • 230+ organizations with • 10,000 families in • 17 states and • 20 disasters in • 4 countries, creating more than • $26 million in impact. Crisis Cleanup empowers relief organizations to instantly coordinate response efforts in real time, redirecting thousands of volunteers from to waiting lines to survivors' basements.
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