Doppelcam is project by Melanie Hoff and myself. It is a visually-similar camera in the form of a website and ios app. It is a tool for decontextualizing your surroundings and glimpsing the uncanny valley. A photo taken with Doppelcam is replaced by an image pulled from the internet that is similar to the one just taken in pixel-by-pixel value.
Satellite Sounds
Satellite Sounds is collection of image captures from ambient satellite transmissions. Radio Signals are overwhelming. Transmissions from indifferent devices, near or far, swarm the air around us as we push through our cities unaware of all information not meant for us. Amongst the information not necessarily meant for us are the signals transmitted from unmanned meteorological satellites.
Triumpho Canyon Earth Link Station
In December of 2015 I began doing research on large scale communications infrastructure around Los Angeles. This site is a C-band satellite earth station owned and operated by AT&T. The station's three 32-meter antennas (106 feet across, about 11 stories tall) weigh 146 tons each, rotate axially on rails and are AT&T's largest on the west coast. Coordinates: 34°4'51'N 118°53'47'W'. Thanks to Megha Mehrotra and Ryan James for photographing the trip and providing indispensible company
Google Obfuscate
Google Maps is a publicly viewable satellite map. Searching around, you occasionally come accross blurred or redacted images. Generally we assume that this type of redaction is a privlege for corporate or state actors. It is not, this is a tutorial for how to do it.
Brattons House
Bratton's House is a protest against the expanding surveillance state and its corrosive effect on free speech. Tweet at @brattonsHouse to send Commisioner Bratton a photograph of his own house taken in real-time. Bratton's House uses a raspberry pi to take photographs of the commissioner's house and send them via GSM to a remote server. Photographs are then tweetedto @commissBratton.
Bad Judgement
This project uses Facebook data to make inferences about your behavior to impose an entirely fictional narrative upon your life. The goal here is to produce an incorrect digital journal of your Facebook behavior.
Sting Ray
A StingRay is an IMSI-catcher, a controversial cellular phone surveillance device, manufactured by Harris Corporation. In 2016 Jen Kagan and I set out to build one using OsmoTRX and a USRP1 software defined radio. Full documentation coming soon.
<< How To >> FOIA
This is part two of an ongoing series of tutorial pages about practical approaches to personal privacy. In this tutorial I walk through the steps necessary to file your own Freedom of Information Act Request and Personal Information Request. Coming Soon
Remembering is a Chrome extension that makes every account on Facebook appear to be ‘memorialized.’ It does this by injecting a single line of code into every facbook profile that places the word, ‘remembering’ above the person’s name. A project by Melanie Hoff and myself.